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No need to vote in 2020, Sweeney and Murphy will decide for you | SPADEA

By Bill Spadea This post originally appeared at NJ 101.5 _ Sounds like I’m exaggerating, doesn’t it? Wish I were. Unfortunately this is what life has become in the Garden State. A handful of elite pols making decisions for you. The Read More

Steve Sweeney borrows Kim Guadango’s “circuit breaker” idea

By Matt Rooney _ Is Steve Sweeney starting to support for Phil Murphy, Save Jerseyans? I think probably. It’s no secret that the Democrat Senate President and the Democrat Governor have openly butted heads over the past several months, but Read More

ROONEY: “Nothing’s more important” than getting to the bottom of shocking NJEA videos

TRENTON, N.J. —  Save Jersey founder and editor-in-chief Matt Rooney joined the Chasing News A+ Panel on Monday to put a pending New Jersey State Senate investigation of the NJEA into perspective as shocking undercover videos released by Project Veritas continue to generate controversy Read More

HEY GOP: If conservatives can’t win in New Jersey, then why is Steve Sweeney pretending to be one?

By Matt Rooney _ I don’t give a damn about Donald Trump, Save Jerseyans. I don’t. Not for the purposes of this discussion. That’s because anyone who’s been following this state’s trajectory and political scene for any significant length of Read More

Opinion: Sweeney Reminds New Governor, NJEA Who’s Really in Charge

Carl Golden Senate President Steve Sweeney’s line-in-the-sand declaration that a tax increase is “an absolute last resort” and should await the outcome of a comprehensive review of how government raises and spends revenue was quickly interpreted as a blunt reminder Read More

VIDEO: Varney and Sweeney spar over N.J. taxes on Fox Business

New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney‘s Democrat Party raised taxes on New Jerseyans no less than 115 times in the eight years preceding Governor Chris Christie’s 2010 inauguration, Save Jerseyans. Now? With Governor-elect Phil Murphy promising $1.3 billion in new Read More

Sweeney wants a $15 minimum wage… but explains why it wouldn’t work for N.J. kids or farmers?

Here’s all the proof you need that these legislators — almost all of them — are completely full of crap. Totally and shamelessly. Senate President Steve Sweeney was the world’s biggest $15 per hour minimum wage backer when he was Read More

GOP House campaign celebrates “Norcross’s Waterloo” as Sweeney exits Dem shadow primary

It’s been quite a week in N.J. politics. What presidential election? Right?? The gas tax fight is only one story. Election 2017 is already shaping up with the Dem primary over and the GOP primary officially getting underway. And while Read More