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N.J. Gubernatorial Candidate: Drug Test Politicians Who Support Marijuana Legalization

New Jersey seems to be trending in the direction of legalization (or at least “decriminalization”) of marijuana, Save Jerseyans, and with Chris Christie set to leave office in January, we could see movement on this issue in a mere matter Read More

Rogers Accuses N.J. GOP Establishment of ‘Buying People Off’

It’s a loaded charge and he steered clear of naming names, Save Jerseyans, but Nutley Commissioner Steven Rogers‘s supporters undoubtedly believe he’s 100% correct. The long-shot candidate released a video via social media on Sunday accusing the GOP establishment backing his rivals of Read More

ELECTION 2017: Rogers wages anti-establishment primary campaign on Facebook

Running against the political establishment isn’t easy even under normal conditions, Save Jerseyans, but in an expensive media market state of nearly 9 million souls? Social media is an underdog candidate’s best friend. Nutley Township Commissioner Steven Rogers is trying to Read More