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UPDATE: Senators Want Booker Probe

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog As reported first here earlier today, Save Jerseyans, a bipartisan team comprised of state Senators Ron Rice (D-Essex) and Sam Thompson (R-Middlesex) are determined to get to the bottom of #WatershedGate and Cory Booker’s role Read More

Thompson, Rice to Double-Team Scandals

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog They’re the ultimate odd couple, Save Jerseyans, but Middlesex County’s Sam Thompson (R) and Newark’s Ron Rice (D) are preparing to take on Newark City Hall together. I’m told the state senators will make an Read More

Time to End Pension “Double Dipping” in New Jersey

It is no secret that New Jersey’s pension system, just like the pension systems of so many states throughout the nation, is in trouble. For years Governors, Democrat and Republican alike, have skipped pension payments simply because the budget could Read More