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SPADEA: New apprentice mandates will raise your taxes

By Bill Spadea This post originally appeared at NJ 101.5 _ Enough already. Now the government in Trenton wants to require all public works contractors participating in Union approved apprentice programs. The intended consequence here would be to drive up costs Read More

Army Forces Troops, Civilians To Attend Transgender Sensitivity Training

The Army is now holding mandatory transgender sensitivity training for officers, non-commissioned officers and civilians. As part of the Pentagon’s attempt to create an accepting environment for transgenders, the Army held a session Tuesday teaching officers and others how to Read More

Op-Ed: Like School Funding, New Jersey Police Pay is Rife with Inequities

Why do Saddle River residents pay more for law-enforcement salaries than Camden residents? Is it because of Saddle River’s high crime rates? Of course not. Is it primarily because of Saddle River’s police officers’ superior training, sensitivity, responsiveness, compassion, safety, Read More