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ELECTION 2021: Ciattarelli calls out Murphy for lying about tolls hikes

TRENTON, N.J. – Here’s the basic gist: While you were focused on Governor Murphy’s nearly $41 billion budget and accompanying tax schemes, news broke that Turnpike and Parkway commuters may soon face the first toll hikes since 2012. And it Read More

Federal Spending Bill Before Congress Could Mean $541M for Gateway Project

Credit: Amtrak/Chuck Gomez Amtrak train exiting the north tube of the outmoded Hudson River Tunnel from New York into New Jersey The Gateway transportation project – which includes a new rail tunnel between New Jersey and New York – is Read More

N.J. Congressional Delegation Lobbying for Big Gateway Tunnel Bucks ($900M!)

The notorious (and long-dead) ARC tunnel’s successor won’t be built for awhile, Save Jerseyans, but the fight for funding starts now. On Tuesday, Rep. Leonard Lance (NJ-07) celebrated the proposed FY 2018 U.S. Department of Transportation Appropriations Act for allotting Read More

Budget Stalemate Threatens 2018 Transportation Projects Worth $4B

Credit: Governor’s Office/Tim Larsen Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday met workers at an Interstate 95 project in Mercer County that is being funded by the Transportation Trust Fund. Gov. Chris Christie and lawmakers remained in a stalemate yesterday over the Read More

See, We Told You So: President Trump may soon validate N.J. gas tax opponents’ fears

Back in June of last year, I had a written a few articles about the ill effects of the gas tax here at Matt Rooney‘s Save Jersey Blog. I warned you how, on top of the then-proposed New Jersey gas tax increase, Read More

A Border Wall is Cheaper Than Driving in N.J.

A study frequently cited last year by New Jersey gas tax hike proponents is instructive as we debate one of President Trump’s defining policy pushes, Save Jerseyans.  The June 2016 national transportation research group (the “TRIP”) report concluded that it costs New Jersey Read More

Obama takes final slap at N.J. police on his way out the door

We’ve had liberal presidents before, Save Jerseyans, but we’ve never had a president who hated everyone who wasn’t a liberal before Barack Obama. His last minute regulatory push is making the headlines, and is certainly proof enough of his demented Read More