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Departacus starts raising funds for his depleted N.J. Senate war chest

By Matt Rooney _ Cory Booker (aka Spartacus, Gropacus or now “Departacus”) had a hell of a time raising cash during his ill-fated presidential campaign. Now that it’s mercifully over, New Jersey’s junior U.S. Senator needs to rebuild his depleted Read More

A Little Easter Softball

Senator-in-Waiting Booker Continues to Focus on Anything But Newark By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Priorities: while the rest of the Internet was celebrating Easter 2013 Cesar Chavez, Save Jerseyans, Newark’s Tweeter-in-Chief Cory Booker participated in an ABC This Week roundtable Read More

Christie Enters the Ring for McMahon

Let’s get read to rumble, Save Jerseyans! Following a campaign swing through Virginia (and Pennsylvania), our favorite heavyweight Republican champion — Governor Chris Christie — is headed to Connecticut on Monday afternoon. That’s usually the wrong way on I-95 for Read More

Menendez’s Tax Disclosure Raises Questions About Book Deal Income

Cross-Posted at MoreMonmouthMusings.net U. S. Senator Bob Menendez made his last five years tax returns and U.S. Senate Financial Disclosure reports available to the media for inspection yesterday at his campaign headquarters in New Brunswick. In 2011 Menendez’s reported wages Read More

What YOU Can Do to Improve Joe Kyrillos’s Lackluster Polling

July hasn’t been Joe Kyrillos’s month, Save Jerseyans. First, his Democrat opponent announced a giant cash on hand advantage in the 2nd fundraising quarter superior to even what the incumbent was able to muster last time around the block in 2006. Yesterday’s Read More

Menendez Cuts a Pathetic Figure in Union City

Here they go again… America is grappling with record sustained unemployment, Save Jerseyans, but all Democrats want to do this election cycle is obsess over social issues. You know… the fictional “war on women.” Why? Because their liberal economic record is pathetic. Women have Read More

Q2 Fundraising Results: Menendez Outpaces 2006 “Cash on Hand” Lead

State Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-NJ) raised closed to $1.2 million in the 2nd Quarter of 2012, partly due to the assistance of Mitt Romney, and now has approximately $2 million cash on hand going forward. Incumbent Bob Menendez (D-NJ) did better with Bill Clinton’s help, Read More