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Thompson: Bridgegate Indictments Will Be Cover Up Related

By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings Brian Thompson, the WNBC 4-NY reporter who broke the story of potential indictments in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandals coming next month, told MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki this morning that the likely federal charges will be Read More

The Never Ending Circle of Debt

By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog A common argument offered by amnesty advocates posits that it would boost the U.S. economy and government revenues, too.  With an aging population and the ‘boomers’ ready to retire, less people in the work Read More

‘Constitution Day’ More Important Than Ever in the Scottish/Russian/ISIS Context

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog It’s Constitution Day, Save Jerseyans, as good an opportunity as any to remind ourselves and those around us why the U.S. Constitution’s health and well-being persists as an appropriately popular topic of discussion for the Read More

Newark, Jersey City “Most Stressed Out”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog According to the Movoto Real Estate blog, Save Jerseyans, two of New Jersey’s cities are among the most “stressed out” in America: Jersey City (#5) and Newark (#8). Another wonderful distinction for the Garden State! Read More

N.J. Elects Generic Democrat

By Phil Kerpen | BookerFail.com The New Jersey Senate Special Election in two pictures: With literally nothing else on the ballot, get-out-the-vote literature did not include Booker’s name. Congratulations to Senator-Elect Generic Democrat on his ten point victory.

Lonegan Tries to Nationalize Run

Lonegan to House Republicans: Wait For My Victory, Obama Will Fold By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com GOP nominee for U.S. Senate Steve Lonegan today urged Republicans in the House of Representatives not to give into President Barack Obama’s demands for re-opening the government Read More