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Democracy in U.S., U.K. reaches moment of maximum peril

By Matt Rooney _ The United States and United Kingdom share a unique history and, as we’ve all heard many times before, an undeniably “special relationship.” It’s therefore appropriate (albeit no less sad for it) that our respective democratic traditions Read More

Anti-Colonialism Aside, Obama Endorses U.K. via Twitter

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog President Barack Obama is an ideological guy, Save Jerseyans. No one disputes that. And his far-left worldview makes him predisposed to blame most of the world’s problems on the colonial powers (and their progeny – Read More

What Does a Disarmed Country Look Like, Senator Lautenberg?

Welcome to the United Kingdom, Save Jerseyans! Home of the 2012 Olympic Games, a nation that once ruled a quarter of the world’s population and (it’s often easy to forget) the birthplace of modern property rights. Unfortunately for the British, Read More