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Trying to understand Trenton’s craziness? Look at who’s voting.

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog It’s hard to keep track of the wildly anti-business measures coming out of Trenton these days, Save Jerseyans. On Monday, Steve Sweeney’s State Senate passed S2160, a bill allowing striking workers to collect unemployment Read More

Post-Israel trip, MacArthur reports “rock-solid” Iran deal opposition despite expected Obama Senate victory

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog “I am more certain than ever that my opposition to the Iran deal is the rock-solid right place to be,” explained the freshman congressman in an email blast following his early-August journey Read More

AFP-NJ releases updated Taxpayer Scorecard

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Our friend at Americans for Prosperity (AFP-NJ) released their Taxpayer Scorecard Midterm this past week, Save Jerseyans. Grades were based on twenty-one measures for the Senate and sixteen in the Assemby, including but not limited Read More

Save Jersey Electoral College Projection Map (11/2/12): ROMNEY 285, OBAMA 197

Only 4 full days left to go before Election Day 2012 is decided, Save Jerseyans. Where does the White House race stand? Seven (7) states changed position since our last projection on October 24th, and all of them moved in Governor Romney’s direction. Read More