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Pence gives the Left a lesson in how to properly use the First Amendment

Vice President Pence chose to leave the Colts game this Sunday afternoon, Save Jerseyans, when players (once again) decided to protest during our National Anthem. Somehow, perhaps predictably, Pence’s decision is being twisted by the Left to fit a “the Read More

We’re Not Laughing, Mr. Vice President

Deflated Obama backers concocted a variety of exotic excuses for last week’s epic Romney debate victory. They blamed the moderator, the format, the opponent, the sparring partner… and yes, the altitude. Thanks, Al. But ultimately, my dear Save Jerseyans, it Read More

POLL: Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate?

The Vice Presidential debate is over, Save Jerseyans. My initial reaction? I’m glad Joe Biden thinks a nuclear Iran, the worst economy since the Great Depression and my grandmother’s health care are absolutely hilarious… let’s see how his inability to control Read More

THE NEW COLD WAR: Putin vs. Ryan… Who Wins?

Something a little on the light side, Save Jerseyans. After four years of President Barack Obama and his girlie man frame managing bungling our foreign affairs, we may have finally found a candidate for national office with the intelligence, skill, grace and Read More