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SPADEA: The GOP is Dead and the Gender Pay Gap is Fake

By Bill Spadea This post originally appeared at NJ 101.5 — In a complete capitulation to the Democratic governor and the legislative majority, the Republicans in both houses laid down their arms and principles and allowed for yet another bill that is Read More

The So-Called “Wage Gap” Is Going Down. And the Numbers Don’t Tell the Full Story.

Time to change those outdated signs, ladies. It’s no longer the case that “women only make 77 cents on the dollar compared to men.” According to this year’s annual Census Bureau report, the incomplete “wage gap” figure shows women’s earnings Read More

The Great Gender Wage Gap Lie evolves again! to include race….

By Alyssa Lafage | The Save Jersey Blog If you repeat something enough times it does not become truth, Save Jerseyans but that doesn’t stop left wing groups or the Democratic nominee for President from repeating the debunked lie that women Read More