Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018
Category: Rutgers University

SAD! Snooki fetched a larger Rutgers speaking fee than Hillary

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Hillary Clinton visited Rutgers University last Thursday evening and collected a check for $25,000. A nice pay day? You bet, Save Jerseyans. But it’s still $7,000 less than the $32,000 lump sum paid to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi when the former Jersey Shore reality TV personality spoke at New Jersey’s largest university back […]

Christie files nominations, taps adviser DuHaime for RU Board

Here is today’s list of appointments and nominations, Save Jerseyans: – JUDICIAL NOMINATIONS SUPERIOR COURT REAPPOINTMENTS Nominate for reappointment The Honorable Angela Borkowski (Annandale, Hunterdon) Nominate for reappointment The Honorable Linda Grasso Jones (Tinton Falls, Monmouth) ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGES Nominate for appointment Andrew Baron (Scotch Plains, Union) Nominate for appointment Ernest Michael Bongiovanni (Wall, Monmouth) […]

Rutgers opts to keep Weinstein money as California school rejects it

The University of Southern California is turning down a $5 million gift from embattled Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, less than a week after Rutgers University announced it will not return a smaller donation Weinstein made to that school. Rutgers reaffirmed that decision Tuesday, after more actresses came forward accusing Weinstein of harassing them, including Gwyneth […]

REPORT: Rutgers mandates “microaggression” freshman course

This is your tax dollars at work, Save Jerseyans. h/t As part of a $175 student orientation package, Rutgers University requires all incoming freshmen take a course on the “big impact” of microaggressions, because nothing says welcome to college like a mandatory seminar on safe spaces and offensive phrases. Microaggressions, statements that are subtly offensive […]

Rutgers-Camden to hold college fair for unauthorized immigrants

CAMDEN — The state’s largest university is offering help for unauthorized immigrant students who want to attend college in New Jersey. Rutgers-Camden will host a college fair Saturday for unauthorized immigrants interested in taking advantage of a New Jersey law that allows young people living in the country illegally to attend public colleges at in-state […]

Here’s how much Rutgers paid for Obama’s commencement visit

NEW BRUNSWICK — A visit from the President of the United States doesn’t come cheap. Rutgers University spent nearly $1.43 million on its commencement ceremony headlined by President Barack Obama last spring, according to a final accounting by the state university. That is 58 percent — or nearly $523,000 — more than Rutgers spent on […]

UPDATE: Rutgers President Openly Lobbies for Illegal Immigrants

Do you remember, back in December, when Rutgers President Robert Barchi indicated his openness to a university-wide “sanctuary campus,” Save Jerseyans, where illegal immigrants could work/learn/hang out without fear of federal action? Well, on Tuesday, Barchi took it to the next level and came out in favor of the so-called Bridge Act. “Many students at […]

ROONEY RANTS: Rutgers should think long, hard before going the ‘Sanctuary Campus’ route

While you were Christmasing at the end of last week, Save Jerseyans, our friends at Rutgers University were striking another blow for progressivism. It came in the form of University President Robert Barchi responding to reports/speculation/fears/hysteria related to President-elect Donald Trump’s expected changes to U.S. immigration enforcement. Like other universities across the country, plenty of his […]

Rutgers favors the long-dead over its loan-battered living

Yes, we routinely give Rutgers University’s administration a healthy dose of grief here at Save Jersey. Don’t feel bad; it’s all well deserved. Taking hundreds of millions of dollars in tax dollars to transform a legendary, historic institution into a liberal think tank is an act worth of derision. I’m also an alumnus of the […]

Rutgers offers counseling for Trump traumatized students

Here they go again, Save Jerseyans. Rutgers University, one of our nation’s most far-left institutions of higher (mis)education, is continuing its disturbing modern tradition of protecting one viewpoint (and shutting down dissent) in the wake of last week’s historic presidential election. Rutgers President Robert Barchi is the familiar culprit-in-chief; Save Jersey has learned that he […]

Project Veritas drops new video allegedly starring Emeritus RU professor disparaging black voters

In another potential embarrassment for the Clinton campaign, a new video allegedly featuring an emeritus Rutgers University professor comparing Republican black voters to Nazis caused a stir on the Internet this Wednesday afternoon. The undercover video produced by Project Veritas Action (PVA), brainchild of controversial Rutgers alumnus and conservative activist James O’Keefe, purportedly features Benjamin Barber, a prominent academic and emeritus […]

Pair of Rutgers law professors call pet ownership immoral, form of torture

Two Rutgers law professors say that owning pets is immoral and would be considered torture if humans were forced to endure the same treatment. Although Gary Francione and Anna Charlton live with six rescued dogs, the couple calls their abused animals refugees, and says they have the right to be free regardless of their quality […]

VIDEO: Obama slams political “anti-intellectualism” at Rutgers commencement

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog President Barack Obama addressed a crowd of approximately 50,000 at High Point Solutions Stadium on Rutgers’ Busch Campus in Piscataway this Sunday, Save Jerseyans, and while saluting a long history of Rutger University’s intellectual contributions to the country and the world, the lame duck commander-in-chief could’ve help […]