Paul Ryan: Democrats are the reason there are no DACA protections in the spending bill

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Thursday that Democrats are the reason the spending bill does not include DACA protections. “We said let’s do multiyear funding for the wall for multiyear relief for the DACA kids, and they walked away Read More

FAITHLESS? N.J. bishop orders priests to read pro-amnesty missive to South Jersey Catholics

By The Staff _ Governor Phil Murphy (D-N.J.) restored millions of dollars in Planned Parenthood funding last week, providing a new windfall for the Garden State branch of America’s largest abortion provider. Thousands of South Jersey Roman Catholics nevertheless got Read More

WEBBER: Does Pelosi stand “for amnesty, or with the rest of the American people?”

After Nancy Pelosi’s record breaking speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives protecting the Republican spending bill, NJ-11 House Candidate Jay Webber (R) called into question the Democrat leader’s priorities. “Nancy Pelosi spent eight hours yesterday telling Read More

N.J. Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee: “I’m biased” in support of illegal immigrants over crime victims

It’s one thing to be “soft” on illegal immigration. It’s another thing entirely to OPENLY declare, at a time when individuals in your own state have been victimized by illegal immigrants, that as governor you’d side with… the illegal immigrants. Read More

This Week’s #DACA Reaction? A New Record for Fabricated Outrage.

#DACA has been a hot topic the last few days, Save Jerseyans, with many Democrats making over the top statements in expressing their outrage with President Trump’s decision to roll back then-President Obama’s unconstitutional executive order. I’m not sure whether Read More

President Trump may be on to something with DACA repeal

For quite some time, Hispanic-Americans have been used as political bargaining chips by MANY politicians. Although immigration reform is not the sole topic of interest to Hispanics, it is, nonetheless, a historically important one. To his credit, President George W. Read More