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Christie Signs Six New Bills Into Law

From today’s Trenton list: S-260/ACS for A-452 (Connors, Van Drew/Mazzeo, Andrzejczak, Jimenez, Vainieri Huttle, Benson, Wimberly, Gove, Rumpf) – Requires reservation of portion of tenant vouchers under State rental assistance program for veterans S-793/A-4474 (Sarlo, Cunningham/Jasey) – Prohibits president or Read More

Constructing Our Fiscal Destruction

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Sorry, Save Jerseyans, but this one is a little extra hard to swallow because I told you what would happen. And here we are in record time. Do you remember Election 2012’s Ballot Question #1? Euphemistically Read More

New Jersey’s Ballot Question #1 is a Big Labor Stimulus Package

Two weeks ago, Save Jerseyans, I laid out my case against New Jersey’s Ballot Question #1. I summarized the suspect intent of this horrendous referendum’s framers as follows: At best, it mistakenly seeks to cure a symptom in lieu of Read More

Federal Government to Blame for Rising Education Costs

The rising cost of higher education (specifically Rutgers) has reached the front page of the Courier-Post, Save Jerseyans.  The article, Student loans are becoming a burden, published yesterday discusses not only the rising cost of receiving a collegiate education but Read More

Santorum is Right: College Isn’t the Answer for Everyone!

The real “devil” is in the details of our educational system, Save Jerseyans, and Rick Santorum is on his tail. Senator Santorum is getting a lot of grief today for challenging a sacred cow of our society: the contemporary notion that Read More

R.I.P. Rutgers Camden

I’m feeling blue this morning staring at the juris doctorate degree hanging on my office wall, Save Jerseyans. It was awarded after a lot of hard work by the “Rutgers Camden School of Law.” Not Rutgers New Brunswick or Newark. Read More