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5 Quick But Irrefutable Reasons Why N.J. Should Embrace Offshore Drilling

The Trump Administration’s offshore exploration decision is predictably resulting in a ton of hysteria, Save Jerseyans. What you need to know: – FACT: Offshore drilling platforms wouldn’t be visible from the shoreline with the naked eye. I wrote about this Read More

Donald Trump rolls out massive offshore drilling expansion, vows U.S. will be ‘energy superpower’

In a massive rollback of the Obama administration’s energy policy, President Trump’s Interior Department on Thursday released a draft proposal that would open nearly all of the nation’s coastal waters to offshore drilling, sparking yet another battle with environmental groups Read More

Trump Administration Opens Way to Drilling for Oil, Gas Off Atlantic Coast

The Trump administration yesterday opened a path to drill for oil and gas off the Atlantic coast, a step conservationists thought they had blocked last year. In a notice to be published today, the National Fisheries Service is proposing five Read More

Drill, Christie, drill… and use oil to save our state pension system!

By Synnove Bakke | The Save Jersey Blog So you may’ve heard, Save Jerseyans, but Chris Christie wants to be president. Well, there are two things that I would like him to tackle in New Jersey before officially taking the next step: #1 – Addressing Read More