NJGOP, Tea Party United Behind Paul Ryan Pick

NJGOP, Tea Party United Behind Paul Ryan Pick

New Jersey's Tea Parties were divided over whether to support Mitt Romney... but they all love Paul Ryan!

The New Jersey Republican Party (NJGOP) and regional tea party groups aren’t always on the same page, Save Jerseyans.

Shocking. I know.

Today, however, they are marching to the same beat; both wings of the Right are heaping warm praise on Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. I’m sure that was the desired effect! Now we need to put our heads together and figure out how to get the soft Dems/undecided indies on the team, but you can’t do it without a fully and energized united base. Now we have one.

Two illustrative statements for your consumption from yesterday morning…

From Samuel Raia, NJGOP Chairman:

The selection of Congressman Paul Ryan to serve as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate is tremendous news for the Republican Party and I send him my sincerest congratulations. For years, Congressman Ryan has fearlessly and thoughtfully led the national debate about how to forge a better and more prosperous path for our country with real conservative solutions. President Obama has not only failed to lead, but recklessly driven our country into untold mountains of debt, and Congressman Ryan is the strong leader who will help Mitt Romney get America back on track.”

And Don Adams, President of the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC:

We are deeply moved by Governor Romney’s brave selection of Congressman Paul Ryan to be the GOP Vice Presidential nominee,” said PAC President, Don Adams, of Montgomery County, PA. For those who thought the Governor would ‘play it safe’ and choose someone less daring and sobering–they were wrong From this brave selection, we can deduce that Governor Romney takes the debt crisis so seriously that he’s willing to risk his campaign on the Ryan Budget plan–which seriously addresses the Federal government’s disastrous and suicidal spending levels. Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan are teaming up to address this crisis with positive solutions and to make their case before the American people.”


4 thoughts on “NJGOP, Tea Party United Behind Paul Ryan Pick

  1. While I am quite certain most, if not all tea parties will announce full support of the Romney/Ryan ticket, I don't think that this one tea party group constitutes all tea parties.

    Tea Party groups are not headed by any one group. No statement like the one made in this article should be given any validity.

    Each tea party group would most likely have to make their own statement. If it turns out that most groups are behind supporting Romney/Ryan, I think it would then be safe to say that the Tea Party in general supports this ticket.

  2. "Two illustrative statements."

    Illustrative means "an example that illustrates." Not all, but most.

    I've come to learn that all tea party groups aren't created equal. Some are more interested in "rino hunting" and in-fighting than electing conservatives. Many others (like the Independence Hall Tea Party) are doing fabulous work and making a real difference. We interact with plenty of Garden State tea partiers through this blog, and the vast majority openly admire Paul Ryan's vision for the country.

  3. Matt, I never said they didn't do good work, nor did I imply that the Tea Parties would not get on board with Romney/Ryan. I was only pointing out that this article says that "all tea parties love Paul Ryan". It implies that all tea parties are behind the ticket. You have no way of knowing that without asking individual tea parties and/or taking a poll. Again, I believe that most will be supporting the ticket, but no one knows that now and Indy Hall is not the deciding factor. Also, who is a RINO and who isn't is another discussion for consideration amongst tea party groups. I am not sure Indy Hall is on the same page as most NJ tea party groups regarding RINO's. I sure hope that this post does not cause a thread of arguments…it was not my intention to start that. Many of us do work very hard for what we believe in but we must not be all lumped into one group. Thanks for your response Matt.

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