Courier Post Quotes Save Jersey Editor on Runyan Race

One of South Jersey’s largest newspapers, the Courier Post, recently caught up with me to get some quick statements on some races going on in my part of the world, namely the all important race in District 3. The article, written by the Jane Roh, who broke the Adler-DeStefano scandal earlier this month, highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the Runyan campaign throughout this cycle.

I’ll be upfront before you read the article, Save Jerseyans, part of what made the Courier interested in my opinion is that the night of the Cherry Hill Runyan-Adler debate, I was spotted by Jane Roh “wincing & shaking my head” at a particular answer given by Runyan during the debate. Evidenced by this tweet from that night:

In the current article there was apparently room for it. So head over to the Courier Post Online and read the article. And as per usual, don’t forget: friends don’t let friends vote for John Adler.