Christie Commutes an Unfair, Anti-gun Sentence

Great news! Brian Aitken will soon be a free man! Many of you will remember that Aitken was involved in a high profile criminal case earlier this year for possessing guns in the trunk of his car, stored in a legal way, after moving to New Jersey from Colorado. He was charged with a felony when police searched his car and found the guns, separated from their ammunition, and in cases. The 7 year sentence would be the same as if Aitken had actually committed a crime with the firearms.

Well today Governor Christie came through with a commutation of Aitken’s sentencing to time served and he will be released as soon as “administratively possible”. For Aitken that is not soon enough. He was an unfortunate victim of New Jersey’s insane bias against gun ownership. The “crime” he was guilty of was having his guns in his trunk while not being on his way to a range. Thats it. Essentially the equivalent of putting your trash out one day too early or failing to get a license for your dog.

While I am sure that Aitken will be happy with his commuted sentence, I would love to see Governor Christie do what is the ultimate right decision here and pardon him completely.