Christie and Rudy On the Outs?

Is America’s favorite governor on the outs with America’s mayor?

Seems like it, Save Jerseyans. That chill you feel isn’t the snow: it’s the newly-icy relationship between political allies Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie.

Giuliani criticized Governor Christie last week on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program. Giuliani had been an early Christie supporter in 2009, but the former New York City chieftain told Joe Scarborough that “Chris should’ve come back” to deal with a late December snow storm. The Republican Giuliani’s comments echoed those of New Jersey Democrats and other assorted Christie-haters seeking to land a blow on the politically durable Garden State Governor.

Of course, Governor Christie didn’t take Rudy’s broadside lying down. Did you expect otherwise?

Here’s a clip of the Governor from today’s edition of Morning Joe:


Christie lamented Rudy’s decision to “sit in the peanut gallery and shoot away,” something that’s easy to do when “you’re retired and out of politics.” Zing!

Recent reports suggest that Rudy is mulling a second run for the GOP Presidential nod in 2012. We wish him well but, for now, he might not want to count too heavily on the New Jersey delegation’s support to put him over the top. The person with the most to gain from this frosty exchange is Rudy’s rival Mitt Romney, another early Christie backer who is the early favorite to earn NJGOP backing in next year’s primary contest.

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