Westboro Baptist (Cult) Church to Protest a Military Funeral in Bordentown, NJ

I am always torn about these whack jobs. Should I acknowledge their existence and be sure that anyone who will listen knows that the WBC is a crazy bunch of incestuous, hate-filled freaks and can denounce them accordingly? Or is it best to ignore them and attempt to not bring any more attention to their disgusting actions that they mask in fake religion? Today, thanks to an email I received from a group trying to combat WBC, I have decided on the former option. Attached is an image of a flyer that WBC has up on their website.

Well, in response, Americans for Liberty are holding a counter protest to drown out these invalids out. They are calling for anyone to bring a American flag and join them in their effort. The email gave these instructions,

On Saturday, 1-22-11, meet at the old ACME parking lot on Rt. 130 c/o Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown at 7:45 am. After a short briefing, we will proceed to the church, about four blocks, where we will once again set up a flag line.

Basically the idea is to set up a flag line to block the backwards bible thumpers from being seen or heard so that Pfc. Ben G. Moore can have the proper burial that he deserves. If you can help in any way, please do.

5 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist (Cult) Church to Protest a Military Funeral in Bordentown, NJ

  1. He may have run as a democrat, but he's certainly not one in my eyes. He's a hate filled wackjob that just can't be allowed to spew any more venom at these poor people. And for you to even bring up a political affiliation when this is about to happen is just despicable. Politics has nothing to do with this kind of sick behavior. These people should be condemned at every turn.

  2. I am a liberal and ACLU member, and read your blog regularly. While I almost always take a position opposite of yours, this is something we agree on. I would have been part of the counter-protest except for a medical condition that kept me home, but I understand the police and counter-protesters kept the Westboro nuts away from the grieving family. We are 100% in agreement that we need to support the people who defend our country and their families. Rest in Peace, Ben Moore.

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