Can’t Make the Big Game? Try the US Senate!

It seems that Governor Romney was not the only Republican looking for a nod from Chris Christie early on. Fresh off of a 24-19 loss in the AFC title game last month to the NFL’s latest losers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York (Jersey?) Jets owner Woody Johnson is reportedly mulling a run for the United States Senate, which as I understand it is only slightly easier to get into than the Super Bowl.

Johnson clearly has some positives to bring to the table. He has an insane amount of money, which will be needed, even with Bob Menendez’s less than impressive poll numbers leading into the 2012 cycle. However, while the idea of a “self-funded” candidate is always a dream for either party, the reality is usually more of a nightmare. Candidates often cite their personal wealth as a plus, but often get nervous and resistant about spending it when the time actually comes. Let’s face it, any candidate would rather spend your money to get themselves elected than spend their own. Johnson also would have tremendous name recognition and the luxury of having his candidacy covered by not only the political media, but also the sports media for at least some period of time. It essentially sounds like Congressman Runyan all over again.

If Menendez remains vulnerable, our potential candidate list of Kean, Kyrillos, Guadagno, and now Johnson, is only going to get longer.

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