Quick update from CPAC

Hey all – it’s been a pretty quiet CPAC for NJ – no surprise Chris Christie impersonators or big celebs other than The Donald showing up on Thursday (Trump counts because of AC right?). I have seen a lot of our comrades in the NJCRs and a few YRs running around but it’s been relatively quiet. Christie is on the CPAC straw poll but because of a lack of a ballot stuffing tactic like the one the Ron Paul and Dale Peterson crews have been running its unlikely Christie will be high up on the ballot. People asking if Christie is going to run has died down to almost quiet but he remains a very very popular figure and well admired.

I’d also like to thank FreedomWorks for putting on a great blogger’s lounge, getting some great guests and putting on a great party.

If you haven’t been to CPAC before I HIGHLY recommend coming down to DC next year if it returns. I’d also highly recommend checking out the Value Voters Summit which will be later this year and probably just as fun.