The Importance Of Local News Stations For Businesses

As you might know by now, Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. counts among the top 20 TV broadcasters of the nation. We are based in Irving, Texas and we are not only committed to proving the importance of medium markets that trigger lower competition levels. We are struggling to highlight the usefulness of local television into the lives of businesses looking to constantly advertise.

So our “101 Reasons” series is meant to provide you with the information you need to gain better knowledge on the topic and raise awareness. Businesses need to fully perceive the crucial impact that local televisions can have on their promotion and marketing campaigns. We decided to lend them a hand by providing them with a series of comparisons    between television and other advertising mediums. The main goal of this series of comparisons is to show the superior benefits resulting from choosing TV advertising.


Origins Of The 101 Program


Our special program was first introduced in 2009 and it featured 39 spots that were entirely customizable. The spots were destined to reach the hands of the TV stations that were owned and managed by Nexstar in 34 markets. The year 2010 brought an additional 42 spots to the local level. The spots were destined to convince people of the incommensurable value of local television into the life of all businesses looking to promote their products and services by easily reaching their target audience. We also allowed local stations to create their own client testimonials and tell the success story of TV advertising in relation to their own clients. Hyper-localism is the powerful word to remember here. We are proud to say that we continue to be are top promoters of all of our products and promoting businesses within local markets is one of our primary goals.


Television Reaches Many Consumers


One of the main reasons why television continues to be regarded as a powerful advertising medium is given by the audience numbers. Despite of the unprecedented rise in the popularity of online websites, blogs, and social media networks, the daily household viewing time across all demographics continues to be huge. Television is still highly influential and compelling according to many surveys today. In its fight against internet-based advertising mediums, it will continue to play a great role. If we are to look at the large number of LCD and smart TV owners across the globe, the chance to enjoy high definition television and even 3D formats will definitely help TV advertising rank high in the future.


Additional Marketing Tools For Businesses


Companies may also choose to promote their products and services though various other mediums, and the internet is undoubtedly an excellent place to start with. Blogging, social media marketing and pay per click campaigns are some of the most popular tools at the moment. Affiliate marketing is also extremely popular at the moment and places like let you combine your passion for gambling with your casino advertising skills, resulting in a win-win situation: rich commissions for you, new customers for top casino brands.