Wow, Save Jerseyans. Hasn’t John Willliamson, the president of the Camden police officers union, ever heard of Godwin’s Law?

H/t to SaveJersey’s favorite political reporter in South Jersey, Jane Roh:

Laid-off cops suspect regional police plan part of anti-union plot

“In town hall meetings, the Republican governor has chided Camden’s police and fire unions for being unwilling to give up perks such as paid birthdays off. But, Williamson said, his members have never been paid for birthdays off.

Williamson did not say it directly, but he cited an historical figure to imply that the countywide plan is part of a larger plot to dismantle public employee unions in New Jersey.
“‘We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers’ salaries and take away their right to strike,’” he read aloud.
“That was said on May 2, 1933, and the person who said it was Adolf Hitler.”
Asked if he was actually comparing Gov. Christie to Hitler, Williamson said, “I’m just looking at the parallel, at what’s happening across the country, and the vicious attacks that have been launched against police and fire and teachers unions.”
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3 thoughts on “Camden Police Union Leader Compares Christie to… HITLER?”

  1. Should have read…So what…you idiots have been comparing The President to everything under the sun…I think faster than I type. Sorry…

    So now, STFU.

  2. Here in Burlington County, all of the Democratic signs I put out have mylseriousty disappeared while the Allen, Keenan, Halgas signs remain in the same areas. Go figure.

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