From “Foul Mouthed Pimp” in a Hot Tub to Senator in the State House?

The question of the week is whether California’s New Jersey’s newest Democrat politician is a serious candidate or a sideshow in Election 2011.

More evidence for your consideration, Save Jerseyans: former Olympian and N.J. Senate Candidate Carl Lewis has cut some videos over the years that make Jon Runyan’s McDonald’s commercial look like a professional Shakespeare recitation.

Enjoy these clips. I certainly did, except for the hot tub scene in the second video… *shiver*:


Carl Lewis cast as “Silky Slim,” a “foul mouthed pimp” in the film Get My Money (WARNING: Bad Language)



Carl Lewis in a Music Video… and a Hot Tub… with that Other Person


6 thoughts on “From “Foul Mouthed Pimp” in a Hot Tub to Senator in the State House?

  1. How many terrible Carl Lewis running puns can the news media make about his nj state senate candidacy?

  2. Billy haven't your multiple electoral spankings taught you to chill with with the youtube/facebook crap? Shouldn't you be busy failing out of law school? We all know you kissed A LOT of ass to get there. Lord knows your 145 LSAT score didn't get you in.

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