Governor Christie’s Straight Talk Wins Admirers in “Heart of Liberal Darkness”

Governor Christie traveled to Harvard University on Friday to discuss his education policies, Save Jerseyans.

You wouldn’t expect a warm reception for a tough-talking Republican governor from an all-Ivy League audience, but according to the NYT, Christie got an almost entirely positive response from academics and students alike:

The closest thing to a hostile question Mr. Christie faced came after he embraced the title bestowed on him recently by The New York Times Magazine: The Disrupter. Jenny Hanson, a graduate student in education, told him that she liked his ideas, but added, “I think using language like ‘disrupter’ and ‘battle’ and ‘fight’ could prevent buy-in.”

Mr. Christie, uncharacteristically, said he often thought about — and “struggled a lot” with — the notion that he is too combative, his language too harsh.

But he said he would not change his tone until the teachers’ union, the New Jersey Education Association, agreed that schools are in crisis and showed more willingness to make major changes.

“I have to convince the public that the house is on fire,” he said.

It’s hard to argue with common sense… even at modern American college where there isn’t anything “common” about it!

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