The Contrast

Governor Christie’s “contrast” media tour continued yesterday morning on FOX News, Save Jerseyans.

The contrast at issue is between Christie’s epic pension victory in New Jersey and President Obama’s stubborn refusal to engage the federal budget crisis. It’s not every day that the different directions for America are laid bare. The Christie method produced consensus for action and had the ancillary effect of turning the political universe on its head. President’s method produces a certain kind of unanimity, too: strong majorities on both sides of the aisle now believe he’s a failure as a leader!

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2 thoughts on “The Contrast

  1. Yeah…I guess in the bizzarro world of Save Jersey and Governor Chunkie, working behind the scenes is not showing up. Kinda like when the President wasn't doing anything against terrorism and then ordered the hit on Bin Laden…

    Obama Tries to Salvage Debt Talks as Party Leaders Bicker Over Meaning of 'Tax Hike'

    Published June 27, 2011


    President Obama, facing a narrowing window in which to strike a debt reduction deal, was using shuttle diplomacy Monday as he tries to bridge the chasm between congressional Democrats and Republicans over tax hikes.

    Meeting separately with the top party leaders in the Senate, the president and Vice President Biden are trying to salvage bipartisan talks that broke apart last week when GOP negotiators walked away after refusing to agree to tax hikes. Obama met Monday morning with Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, and plans to see Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell late Monday afternoon.

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