Yes He’s a Pervert, But Rep. Weiner Should Resign Because He’s a Psychotic Liar

The American people are remarkably tolerant. In New Jersey, I’d argue that we’ve been a little too tolerant of the hijinks from our elected officials. Notwithstanding our state’s historic problems, there remains an oft-unspoken expectation in this country that our public leaders will inevitably make mistakes in their personal lives. Many of us even anticipate the occasional indiscretion when they’re off the clock.

But a majority of modern Americans still don’t appreciate being bold face lied to without even an accompanying hint of shame.

Enter Rep. Anthony Weiner who admitted today that the much-discussed lewd pics on his Twitter feed were indeed his own. The former rising star may have further compounded his offense by breaking House ethics rules. Yet the most disturbing part about this developing story is how comfortable this guy was in lying to his family and constituent! Just last week, he sat down with Fox News’ Bret Baier and declared:

“I know for a fact that my account was hacked.”

Knowing what we now know, his unemotional demeanor and repeated declarations of innocence throughout this taped interview are absolutely shocking:


No wonder he didn’t want a federal investigation! That would’ve been another crime to add to his prospective rap sheet.

Naturally Rep. Weiner says he won’t resign despite what you saw in the video posted above; he wants us to focus on the perversion, forget the lying and allow him to handle this matter “privately” as we’re prone to do. It’s a misdirection of epic proportions! And I’d expect nothing else from an arrogant sociopath willing to lie to millions of people in order to keep his title.

If we can agree on nothing else in this culture war-ravaged nation, I do hope most Americans will concur that someone who is this good of a liar also isn’t good enough to remain in public service for a moment longer than procedurally necessary.

Resign now, Weiner!

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