I Just Don’t See It, Carl

Washed-up Olympian Carl “Silky Slim” Lewis lashed out at Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno yesterday, Save Jerseyans, after he was stricken from the LD-8 ballot for a second (and hopefully final) time.

You may recall that Lewis’s ill-conceived candidacy has been plagued from the onset by an inconvenient truth: he doesn’t meet the residency requirement! You can click here for more Save Jersey coverage of this strange saga.

Suffice it to say that since the state-level appellate court affirmed Guadagno’s decision and the 3rd Circuit’s ruling reinstating Lewis was restricted to the primary, Governor Christie’s Number 2/Secretary of State apparently sees no valid reason to prolong this sad charade a minute longer.

But some people are gluttons for punishment. Not one to be silenced without saying or doing something utterly bizarre, Lewis fired back by comparing Guadagno to a favorite Democrat boogeyman of years past: Richard Nixon.

Sorry, Carl: I don’t see the resemblance…

1 thought on “I Just Don’t See It, Carl

  1. Hmmm….I see the resemblence…one covered up the corruption in the Monmouth County Sheriffs office…and the other, well, we all know what he covered up.

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