Man, Chris Christie has had an AWESOME 3 weeks. From the Reagan speech to the 2012 press conference to endorsing our future GOP nominee, Chris Christie has just been #winning. And the benefits? A rise in a recent Quinnipiac poll making the NJ Dems just absolutely rip their hair out.


  • Voters  back Christie’s decision not to run for president 8-1
  • 58-38% Approval of Christie
  • 59-26% Like Christie as a person
  • 54-42% Like Christie’s policies
  • 23-39% Approval of Sweeney
  • 60-24% of New Jerseyeans think Christie not running in 2012 is a good thing (42% of Dems think it’s good for NJ)
  • 71% of New Jerseyeans think the fat jokes are in bad taste
  • 20% believe they are funny
  • 74% of New Jerseyeans agree with Christie that he doesn’t have the right personality for VP
  • 21-23% Approval of Oliver (55% don’t know)
  • 29-49% Approval of State Assembly (guys get it in shape come on)
  • 29-53% Approval of State Senate (!!! Dudes, come on)
  • 32-24% Approval of Kim Guadagno (She needs to start working on name ID, I believe she could be a great asset if they use her right)
  • 6% very satisfied in NJ
  • 38% somewhat satisfied in NJ
  • 28% somewhat disappointed in NJ
  • 26% very disappointed in NJ
  • 45-42% prefer the Democrats controlling the Legislature in November (REALLY?)
  • 35% of independents want the Democrats controlling the Legislature
  • 44% of independents want the Republicans controlling the Legislature (whew)


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