Is the Kyrillos Campaign’s Glass Half Empty? Or Half Full?

Is the Kyrillos Campaign’s Glass Half Empty? Or Half Full?

It’s all a matter of perspective, Save Jerseyans.

A Rutgers-Eagleton poll out today shows U.S. Senator “Hudson Bob” Menendez leading state Senator Joe Kyrillos, 44% to 22%. 26% are undecided and 7% aren’t voting (it’s a poll of 914 registered voters, not likely voters). An unnamed generic Republican does better than Kyrillos but still loses to a “generic Democrat” 46% to 34%. You can read more at the polling department’s blog.

According to Eagleton, “Kyrillos’ primary weakness is that few voters know him; 80 percent either have no opinion (50 percent) or are unsure (30 percent) about the GOP challenger. Eleven percent have a favorable impression and 9 percent do not.” When asked, 84% of polled Republicans expressed no opinion of Kyrillos one way or the other.

The good news for Senator Kyrillos? He’s got tremendous upward potential. Menendez is well-known but not very popular. As gas prices continue to rise, and disturbing economic data trickles in, this could easily turn into the summer of Bob Menendez’s discontent.

And the bad news for Senator Kyrillos? Realizing his potential will require a boatload of money. Being “unknown” is a double-edged sword, folks; you have the ability to define yourself, but you also run the risk of a well-heeled adversary defining you first. Senator Menendez may, at this point in time, have a 10-to-1 cash on hand advantage over Senator Kyrillos. Senator Kyrillos will need sufficient resources to respond to an avalanche of negative advertising.

The forming Kyrillos camp remains upbeat. They’re continuing to rely on a favorable contrast between Barack Obama’s Washington and Chris Christie’s New Jersey; here’s a brief statement released this morning from Senator Kyrillos’s Campaign Manager, Chapin Fay, responding to the polling news:

With gas prices 50% higher than when Bob Menendez was elected to the Senate and unemployment skyrocketing from 4.7% to 8.3%, it’s no surprise Bob Menendez continues to struggle in the polls. His favorable/unfavorable rating is an anemic 37-24 and he is 44% on the ballot, which is Jon Corzine territory. When voters learn how Joe Kyrillos helped Governor Christie turn New Jersey around, they will support his effort to do the same in Washington.”

So is the glass half empty for Joe? Or half full?

Like I said: this is politics. It’s all a matter of perspective AND personal initiative. “A real man makes his own luck,” Save Jerseyans. That’s Dwight Schrute quoting Billy Zane (from Titanic).


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  1. Could be one of the actors form On the worreftant !! Maybe even Bruce Springsteen!! I just hope he can bring some needed change, and hope to the people of this State. We derseve better.

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