VOTE: Who Has Your Support for Bergen County Freeholder?

VOTE: Who Has Your Support for Bergen County Freeholder?

Few New Jersey counties epitomize the advances of the Christie Revolution quite like Battlefield Bergen.

It’s New Jersey’s most populous county. It’s also somewhat of a political bellwether: Bergen County went strongly for Barack Obama over John McCain in 2008, 54.2% to 44.8%, but Chris Christie lost Bergen to Jon Corzine by a much narrower margin, 46.26% to 48.52%, just one year later.

Bergen voters did, however, assent to two Republican freeholder candidates from the Christie column in November 2009: John Driscoll and Rob Hermansen.

The rest is history; Kathe Donovan’s election as County Executive in the pro-Republican 2010 cycle cemented the GOP’s reconquista of Bergen government. But 2012 is an “Obama Year,” i.e. a cycle with big Democrat turnout regardless of how President Obama performs. And after losing a state senate big last fall, John Driscoll isn’t seeking reelection to the freeholder board.

Plenty is on the line as Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) members gather on March 14th to select their 2012 slate of candidates: for the county, the BCRO, the state, and Governor Christie’s own 2013 reelection efforts in Northeastern NJ.

Whom do/will/would YOU back for Bergen freeholder, Save Jerseyans?

Which GOP Candidates Do YOU Support for Bergen County Freeholder? – Vote for Two
John Ginty (Ridgewood Attorney)
Frederick C. Goetz (Washington Township Councilman)
Rob Hermansen (Incumbent Freeholder)
Margaret Peg Watkins (Former Rivers Edge Mayor) free polls 

11 thoughts on “VOTE: Who Has Your Support for Bergen County Freeholder?

  1. Hello, you need to learn HTML, or hire someone that does. Your poll options are confusingly formatted, and will likely cause misvoting. Spaces don;t cost anything. Learn how to internet, stupid.

  2. Are you Frederick C. Goetz? Because he's currently in last place.

    Alternatively, are you a Senior Citizen from Palm Beach County, Florida?

    Only two reasons why I can imagine you'd have trouble with this poll.

  3. The only votes that matter are from the people on county committee in Bergen county and you Mr Rooney are not on there. Mr Hermansen will be defeated because the only people who like him are the Donovan liberals who appoint Democrats over Republicans.

  4. RINO this, liberal that, do you have any new rhetoric Martha? Hermansen takes first at the convention, Watkins takes second. I'll vote for a proven winner like Freeholder Hermansen any day, and so will the majority of the CC.

  5. Easy there. I don't have a dog in this fight. It's just a web poll to gauge enthusiasm and catalyze debate.

    You and Mr. Reality need to self-administer some chill pills. I think your insurance company is required to cover them now.

  6. Hey, Bernardo we wont ask you a second time. Take down those signs in Hackensack with Driscolls name on them. He is not supporting you. Did you not hear the message at county committee at January meeting ?. They spoke loud and clear against your self serving agenda.

  7. Friends of Driscoll a.k.a. insurance peddler John Baldino. I will not remove signs which I have no responsibility for putting up. That being said, take your case to the convention and we shall see who wins. Driscoll isn't as popular as you think. It was his race to lose, and guess what–HE LOST. Hermansen has the guts to stand for re-election. Driscoll is a coward who lacks the fortitude to stand again. The people of Bergen are sick of cigarette salesmen and out-of-county insurance peddlers.

  8. Who is this ballsdino you speak of? Yes Driscoll is a proven loser, who shows is obsessed with power, as evident by his desire to run for the State Legislature for the 4th time…Johnny boy, its time to hang it up. You have zero personality and are surrounded by a bunch of goons.

  9. yes I saw the Hermansen Driscoll signs and was told that Hermansen put them up in Hackensack. I have lost all respect for Hermansen especially after he was caught in lying to the entire Republican County Committee. It seems that Hermansen is surrounded by a bunch of 20 something boys living with their mom's who voted in this silly poll.

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