Guest Op-ed: “Continuing Compromise” Needed in Bergen County Government

Re: “Bergen executive Donovan obtains temporary restraining order against freeholders” (Bergen Record – 3/21/12)

I did not vote for the auditor resolution that led to this action. I am appalled that this is happening at a time when cooperation and collaboration could affect great change for Bergen taxpayers. Instead, as the Bergen Record story describes, very public intra-party fighting will prove costly and time-consuming. The real loser, in the battle that ensues, will be the taxpayer, who will now have to subsidize the legal costs of childish political in-fighting and back room deal making.

As we know, Bergen has an Executive -Freeholder form of government, much like a town organized under the“Faulkner Act,” (N.J.S.A. 40:69A-1, et seq.), with a powerful executive. It is to our best advantage to work together for our common goals, advancing our platform including working towardless government, reduced spending and greater transparency. This does not meanthat we must always agree, but we do need to be responsible stewards for the taxpayers of Bergen County.

We, as a Freeholder Board, unanimously appointed two new auditing firms just a few months ago. They have only begun their work for the County. There has been no discussion (that I have been a party to) that reflects discontent with their performance or a breach in the compromise that led to their selection. Appointing a new auditor at this time makes absolutely no sense regardless of which branch of government has the legal authority to do so.

I recommend that the Freeholder Board work with the County Executive to come to a continuing compromise regarding how to proceed on this and other appointments in the future that will be in the best interest of the taxpayers of Bergen County.


Maura McMahon DeNicola (R-Franklin Lakes) is an elected Freeholder in Bergen County, New Jersey, and a friend of ‘The Save Jersey Blog.’

43 thoughts on “Guest Op-ed: “Continuing Compromise” Needed in Bergen County Government

  1. what about the promise to cut,cut,cut? Why did this freeholder vote to pay a legal settlement to fire the past freeholder clerk and then vote to appoint a double dipper to be the clerk?

  2. Good Luck to Tolly, Jack Schirer is a contemptible llitte slime ball who knows the law forbids dual office holding and still runs for office. He can run because that other slime ball Corzine Grand fathered in all those holding dual offices before the law. Every Freeholder has given up their municipal office except Schirer. I say good throw the bum!! Out!!

  3. what are you talking about? you alaerdy presumed that i am a liberal democrat! that's too funny. in fact, i don't resolve issues on party lines. i turn my brain on and evaluate them for myself. sometimes i agree with a so-called republican stance on an issue and sometimes with a so-called democratic stance. sometimes its more like a pox on both their houses.and that's exactly my point. agreeing with a party line all the way on every issue seems wrongly motivated to me. we should hold all these representatives of the people accountable for their actions and their decisions and demand a hell of a lot more than we have been getting in the past and in the present. from both parties.its too bad politicians are rarely in it for the right reasons. and its worse that we keep electing and re-electing without focusing on the right issue which would be whether these folks are leading and voting their conscience or simply aiming for re-election.

  4. RobYou Libs and the past Democratic Presidents have been trying to get the ciearzs in North Korea to come to the Diplomatic table and they keep spitting on you so when will you give up, when they lay a nuke on Japan. I would never persume to tell you anything you are way to smart for me.

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