OPEN THREAD: Alabama, Mississippi, and Hawaii Election Returns

Another night, another election Save Jerseyans. And tonight appears that it is going to be a long one. The polls are currently just as close as everyone had expected that they would be.

Tonight we are looking at Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii and also American Samoa. I’ll be updating this post throughout the night as results come in.

9:09 – As it currently stands, Mississippi has 9% reporting and Rick Santorum holds a slight lead over Mitt Romney, who is tied with Newt Gingrich. Ron Paul is currently a distant 4th place finisher.

In Alabama less than 2% are reporting. There Santorum leads Gingrich 34% to 29% while Romney and Paul round it out with 28% and 6%.

9:23 – Mississippi is now up to 20% in. Santorum 34%, Gingrich 31%, Romney 29%, Paul 5%. This is still anyone’s game.

9:35 – With 44% in Romney is again tied for second place with Gingrich in Mississippi. Alabama is incredibly slow with their returns.

9:49 – With 66% reporting Santorum has gained a point in Mississippi while Romney and Gingrich remain tied at 30%. Just as I said last night on the radio, it appears that each of the top three contenders will be walking out with roughly a third of the delegates available in the two southern states tonight. That basically makes Alabama and Mississippi a wash if it happens.

9:58 – Mississippi now has 79% reporting and the networks still will not call the race for Santorum. He currently leads Gingrich by 1 point (33 to 32) with Romney in third at 30%. The exit polling models must have some interesting results coming or else this would be called by now. News outlets have not hesitated to project 3rd place finishes before, so there is a possibility that this three way dance could shake up again.

In Alabama we are at 33% reporting and Santorum leads there with 34%. Fox News stated that they are almost ready to call this state even though far more results are officially in for Mississippi.

10:14 –   Alabama has been called for Rick Santorum

10:37 – Santorum is now speaking entirely too long. He and Gingrich have a tendency to drone on and on and on and on and on…

With 95% reporting in Mississippi Santorum leads the pack by 2 points. Gingrich and Romney are separated by less than 2000 votes.

10:43 – Mississippi has been called for Rick Santorum

10:49 – Not much will be going on now until the Hawaii returns begin to come in.