Bob Ingle Discusses New Christie Book with Save Jersey (AUDIO)

I read Chris Christie: The Inside Story of His Rise to Power in a single sitting, Save Jerseyans.

It was a very pleasant experience which I’ve come to expect from the great Bob Ingle, co-author of The New York Times best-selling hit The Soprano State and now the much-acclaimed work referenced above. Inside Story was actually the collaborative effort of Ingle and New Jersey Statehouse reporter Michael Symons (also of Capitol Quickies). The book itself takes a comprehensive (yet concise and very readable) look at Chris Christie’s early life, political beginnings and early governorship. Politically savvy and informed veteran Save Jerseyans will enjoy reliving some of the Guv’s greatest hits and, in the process, learn a few interesting and less-known tidbits about Christie’s formative childhood experiences. Newcomers to the Christie story will marvel at this once-in-a-generation politician’s remarkable drive, skill, and intelligence.

Reading the book only left me wanting to know more about the book itself. Last night, Bob Ingle was nice enough to discuss his book, its genesis, interesting Christie observations and a few of the major themes with me in between network interviews. Check out the audio/video posted below; you’ll hear how one of our political culture’s toughest nonpartisan critics walked away with a thoroughly positive view of Chris Christie as both a political phenom AND a human being.

Sure, nothing in here will lead Christie detractors to change their time-hardened opinions. That wasn’t Ingle’s goal. Christiephiles will renew their calls for a national bid. The authors say it’s a possibility now, in 2016 or later… no one can predict with any accuracy. Neutral parties, ideological leanings aside, can expect to walk away with a new level of respect for the Governor of New Jersey and his many positive, exceptional personal attributes. It’s impossible to draw any other conclusion and retain one’s credibility!

Listen, comment, and by all means buy your copy TODAY either online or at your local bookstore: 



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