Little Launches TV Spot Ignoring Opponent, Doubling Down on Economics

Mercifully, Save Jerseyans, the Little v. Cullari slap fight in NJ-6 will end tomorrow… one way or the other.

The most interesting part of the contest to challenge Frank Pallone has been the complete dearth of ideological differences between the combatants.  Unlike in NJ-7, where the more familiar struggle between moderate Republican incumbent and Tea Party challenger is playing out, the NJ-6 primary has become a popularity contest between two conservatives. Will Little’s superior residual name recognition from 2010 be enough to overcome a spirited new challenger buoyed by a number of her disillusioned (and vocal) former disciples?

Both campaigns have launched cable TV advertisements down the homestretch that have reflected these competing dynamics. Ernesto Cullari’s TV spot an open-fisted strike at Anna Little’s character and credibility as a conservative leader. Little’s new ad (posted below) ignores her adversary completely; it focuses instead on bread-and-butter economics issues like jobs/taxes/spending/debt AND, lest we forget, the ObamaCare law:


Which strategy (or stratagem, depending on your perspective) will ultimately carry the day?

Again, we’ll find out soon enough. Tomorrow.


114 thoughts on “Little Launches TV Spot Ignoring Opponent, Doubling Down on Economics

  1. Much better then Ernesto Cullari, who sounds like he hasn't a clue. I heard him speak, very uninformative.. too bad

  2. This video of Ernesto Cullari is very telling.

    In this campaign, Ernesto Cullari spent too much of his time bragging about his personal accomplishments rather than telling us what he would do, if elected.

    Well, I guess Mr. Cullari left that assignment to his Campaign Manager, Charles Measley. (See related article on

    Mr. Cullari is personally too busy trying to dig up dirt on Anna Little.

    Truth is, Mr. Cullari and Mr. Measley have run a sleazy campaign. They trampled Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment–

    Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican.

    Not at all an appropriate way for a novice like Mr. Cullari to break into politics.

    Hopefully, by Tuesday, enough voters will realize that Mr. Cullari is nothing more than an opportunist.

    Let's hope "Little" Government prevails.

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