New Tenure Bill is Tokenism at its Worse

New Tenure Bill is Tokenism at its Worse

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) continues to push token tenure reform legislation, Save Jerseyans.

Today, one such bill passed the Assembly by a 79 to 0 margin.

Big whoop.

It’s a B.S. bill, folks. Like I wrote on June 9th, extending the tenure period by one year is hardly going to produce better teachers. This is tokenism at its absolute worst.

Statistics bear the truth for all to see. 1 of every 57 American doctors loses his or her medical license due to malpractice, and roughly 1 of every 97 lawyers loses his or her law license for similar reasons. Yet only one out of 1000 Americian teachers is fired for poor performance. In New York City alone, just 32 of 132,000 teachers were fired between 2006 and 2011. Here at home, only 47 of 100,000 New Jersey teachers lost their jobs in 10 years!

So I’ll ask it again… what good will an extra year accomplish?

I bet you 1 of 79 Assembly members couldn’t give me a straight answer, Save Jerseyans.

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