ONLINE POLL: Who Will Romney Pick for the Veep Slot?

Old Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C. - location of the Vice President's office. Whom might Romney choose to occupy it?

The VEEP hour draws near, Save Jerseyans.

A close November election will turn on a handful of key battleground states. Duh. We know the drill from 2000 and 2004, right? Location, location, location! And vetting, too, since John McCain’s impulse Palin pick is commonly deried by Monday morning QB’s everywhere as an epic mistake.

With a selection no more than weeks away and with those presumed guiding Romney principles in mind… what’s your feel? What follows is a list of the latest prospects generating any discernible buzz. Give it to me straight, and then leave an explanatory comment on our wall if you’re so inclined.

Assuming this is the field, whom will Romney select to be his Veep? free polls 

3 thoughts on “ONLINE POLL: Who Will Romney Pick for the Veep Slot?

  1. Threw my support in the poll behind Governor Pawlenty. More conservative than people know, Evangelical Christian, and plays well in the Mid-west. I believe the dark horse in the race is Governor Martinez in New Mexico.

  2. This liberal Obamacare inventor from Taxachusetts (whose one failed term landed his state in Democratic hands, where it remains today) couldn't pick anyone that could make me waste a vote on him. A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil, no matter what way you slice it. The only reason he managed to get as far as he has on the national stage is because of his ability to throw money around, and because the press knows that he's the man that will guarantee their beloved Obama another term.

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