Despite Media Reports to the Contrary, Mitt Romney Warmly Received by NAACP (VIDEO)

At first, I was a little concerned. I wondered whether Mitt Romney should waste time on a group that more reliably represents the interests of the Democrat Party than it advocates for the “advancement of colored people.”

Governor Chris Christie told the NJEA to pound sand back in 2009. The NJEA no more speaks for all teachers than the NAACP reflects the views of all black Americans. Should Mitt have followed a similar course as Christie and declined to appear?

I’m sure glad he didn’t, Save Jerseyans. Just about every mainstream media outlet, without a notable exception, is focusing on the single boo chorus from Governor Romney’s EXCEPTIONAL address earlier today at the NAACP’s 103rd National Convention in Houston, Texas. But guess what? It’s a gross, intentional distortion on their part, Save Jerseyans, of what I truly believe was the presumptive Republican nominee’s finest hour thus far of the 2012 campaign.

He was eloquent. Likeable. Knowledgable. Measured yet passionate.


The surprising part? His performance was rewarded with equally measured yet seemingly genuine applause from the solidly Democrat audience. School choice, spending cuts… practically every item in the conservative agenda was well-articulated and met with approval. Except for ObamaCare; Romney’s pledge of repeal elicited the only externalized negative reaction throughout his entire nearly 30 minute-long speech. He nevertheless recovered beautifully and ended strongly. Impressive! Seriously!

Frankly, had the NAACP members NOT booed, someone listening to the audio could’ve confused Mitt’s audience for a Federalist Society membership meeting!

Yet the mainstream media predictably felt the need to cherry-pick the ObamaCare part to create a false impression: that Mitt (and his Republican ideas) were soundly rejected by his African American listeners. Could they be any more in the bag without dropping the guise of impartiality and declaring it? I doubt it.

And it just isn’t true. Mitt did the Party of Lincoln proud today! So be of good cheer, conservatives. Governor Romney clearly got the rest he required on vacation…



8 thoughts on “Despite Media Reports to the Contrary, Mitt Romney Warmly Received by NAACP (VIDEO)

  1. Sad to see so many folks reject a man because of the letter after his name. Its as dumb as rejecting someone for the color of their skim.

  2. Mitt's "warm" reception claim is a JOKE! It is now a proven fact that he flew in about 2 dozen Afro-American GOP supporters to be in the audience and start the applause at appropriate times during the speech. He then had the stones to go on Fox News and tell how he met with Afro-American leaders after the speech, inferring falsely that they were NAACP members. They were NOT members of the NAACP. The applause you hear was started by these shills, and the REAL NAACP members were just being the polite people that they are.

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