Amazon’s ‘Political Reading’ Map Shows Conservative Advantage, even in NJ!

If only this were the electoral map for the 2012 election! Alas, it is not, but it could be a good indicator of where things are going in certain states., the online store where you can literally buy anything that you could ever want, has put together this interesting infographic. The stunningly red map represents the reading tendencies of Amazon customers who buy both physical copies and Kindle copies of books.

The map works like this. Amazon looks at the top 250 book sales for each state and bases the level of redness or blueness on the number of partisan books sold for each state and where they rank on the list. According to Amazon, 56 percent of all political books sold in the United States are “red” books. This indicates that a lot more Amazon book buying customers are residing in New York, Connecticut, and those other very few blue states. 43 states are either solid red or leaning red, including our very own New Jersey! Pennsylvania is the only state that seems to be a fence sitter.

Another interesting observation is that not one swing state clocks in at any shade of blue. While this information is obviously just for fun and in no way predicts the election, it is interesting to see what sources political observers are choosing for their literary intake.

16 thoughts on “Amazon’s ‘Political Reading’ Map Shows Conservative Advantage, even in NJ!

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