Is Corzine Off the Hook?

Apparently the Wall Street Wizard’s cape is made of teflon?

The New York Times is reporting that we’re very unlikely to see criminal charges brought against former New Jersey Governor Jon “M-F’n Global” Corzine following his international brokerage firm’s epic collapse.

Whether any laws were actually broken is unknowable at this point in time. What I do know, Save Jerseyans, is that your Blogger-in-Chief is very skeptical of any federal investigation involving a powerful, extremely wealthy man with substantial political connections who also (1) saw $1.2 billion mysteriously disappear on his watch but (2) managed to raise HUGE sums of campaign cash for the sitting administration.  

This is EXACTLY the kind of case that screams “potential conflict of interest” and justifies the appointment of an independent prosecutor. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’re going to get one, and that’s a real miscarriage of justice for all of those poor people who saw their investments evaporate.


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