Jammed Drive-Thru Lines at New Jersey #Chickfila Locations (PHOTOS)

The Egg Harbor Township Chick-fil-a's Drive-Thru was jammed all day on Wednesday.

The Great Chick-fil-a “Buycott” is in full-swing across the Garden State, Save Jerseyans.

I’ve been getting eyewitness reports all day from you, all of which detail extemely crowded parking lots, packed restaurants and long, snaking drive-thru lines. Similar scenes are playing out across the country, too; it’s a beautiful thing!

I’ve said from the beginning that activists have every right to boycott Chick-fil-a by withholding their money and asking others to do so. Likewise, supporters are fully entitled to support Chick-fil-a with their own dollars. Government, however, has NO RIGHT to chase a company out of town for its ownership’s political views through use of intimidation and/or formal zoning authority.

I guess thousands of my fellow New Jerseyans agree! This particular photo captured an epic, hours-ling drive-thu traffic back up at the Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County Chick-fil-a restaurant. Allegedly, the line was SOOO long that staff members had to come outside in the rain and take orders at the cars like at an old fashion drive-in:

And this truly AMAZING photo shows the massive line outside a Chick-fil-a restaurant just across the Delaware River in Warrington, PA (h/t NBC 10’s Facebook Page):

You might be able to see THAT line from outer space if the elevation was higher! Wow…

Still want to get in on the action and show your support for the First Amendment? Click here to find your local New Jersey Chick-fil-a.


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  1. My mom tried to get to Hamilton Chick-fil-a in the evening and said it was backed up to the highway.

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