We’re Not Laughing, Mr. Vice President

Deflated Obama backers concocted a variety of exotic excuses for last week’s epic Romney debate victory. They blamed the moderator, the format, the opponent, the sparring partner… and yes, the altitude.

Thanks, Al.

But ultimately, my dear Save Jerseyans, it was clear enough to the 70 million American who watched the President’s public implosion that he just didn’t feel like debating. Barack Obama wasn’t interested in justifying his policies because he doesn’t feel he should have to explain himself. This is the most arrogant administration in American history; the zero disclosure, media-protected, hyper-partisan, “we have to pass a bill then you’ll know what’s in it” presidency. It showed last Wednesday, and the result was devastating for the Democrat ticket.

That’s why I wasn’t very surprised to see the same stupefying arrogance from Obama’s #2 during last night’s vice presidential debate. Only this time, it took a less passive form. Joe Biden uncontrollably laughed, smirked and sneered (the RNC counted 82 times) his way through what was supposed to be a respectful discussion of objectively serious topics including, but not limited to, Iran’s nuclear program, historic unemployment, and the events surrounding the death of a U.S. ambassador.

It was weird. It was un-vice presidential. It was… not very endearing. And at the end of the day, ever since the infamous Nixon v. Kennedy clash in 1960, televised debates have served as opportunities for voters to compare “apples to apples” and see whom they “like” more. Americans aren’t ideological, and while they appreciate a healthy level of confidence (how else can you explain Chris Christie’s popularity?), they won’t abide obnoxious audacity unsupported by results (and particularly when it’s designed to mask a dearth of substance).

For that reason and a few others, early indicators point to a Ryan win. We’re not laughing, Mr. Vice President. Our country is grappling with a growing list of crisises both foreign and domestic. Your lies and failures are bad enough on their own; if you and the President can’t summon the requisite level of decency and respect for a productive national debate, then please do us all a favor and take a walk before the election. This country deserves better than what we saw last night.



228 thoughts on “We’re Not Laughing, Mr. Vice President

  1. He's laughing at ryan not the issues. Munster looked overmatched and was schooled on every issue. I am still waiting to hear about these huge loopholes taht will pay for another tax break for the rich.

  2. The GOP complained and criticized the stimulus bill to help America from financial collapse from the Bush Great Recession, yet when it was time for money to go to the states GOP representatives like Paul Ryan were lining up for a piece of the pie. Ryan had no rebuttal last night when Smokin' Joe said Ryan sent two letters asking for stimulus money for Wisconsin. Ryan had no specific answers about anything last night while Biden did. The clear winner was Joe Biden despite the GOP talking points regurgitated throughout the right-wing echo chamber.

  3. Joe was lying about Libya when he wasn't too busy laughing about the Obama foreign policy meltdown. If the election wasn't just weeks away I'd say he should resign.

  4. A VP is expected to represent his administration, and Biden certainly did that at Thursday night's debate. Biden's behavior was the hallmark of the Obama administration–DISRESPECT. Biden showed the same open contempt and disdain for his opponent that the current administration shows to the military (funding cuts, oppressive ROE in Afghanistan, form letters to parents of deceased) the elderly (2010 budget that included a 9% INCREASE in foreign aid and NO cost of living increase in Soc. Sec. for 2010 OR 2011, 716 Billion taken from Medicare to help fund Obamacare) women (the REAL war on women is taking place in the Middle East under Sharia law while this administration sits silent) our allies (snubbing of Bibi, secret envoys and off-mic remarks) and the American people (Obamacare push-through, Fast & Furious cover-up, Benghazi cover-up).

    No one will remember all the remarks made during the debate, but we will ALL remember Biden's grimaces, smirks, laughter, constant interruptions and wonder to ourselves 'Is THIS what he does when he's in a room of dignitaries and someone voices a different opinion? Is THIS how he conducts himself in the presence of our allies during meetings where controversial topics are discussed? NO WONDER our diplomatic relations are doing poorly and our international status is continuing to decline!

  5. Wheres the Facts Paulie? I thought he was chosen to interject some specific based charisma into the campaign. All I heard was ending undisclosed loopholes, lowering taxes and Libya. The only facts he is willing to share is what he currently is bench pressing.

  6. I am not convinced that Biden was successful last night. There are some people who make their judgements based on appearances and Biden looked like a jerk up there. an you imagine going to a job interview and acting that way? Gergen, Harwood and Van Sustren (hardly right-wingers) panned Biden's performance.

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