UPDATE #2: Ocean City is Underwater

UPDATE #2: Ocean City is Underwater

Every Jersey Shore town is getting smacked by Hurricane Sandy today, Save Jerseyans, but Ocean City (Cape May County) is among the worst hit. It’s always prone to flooding particularly in its midsection, but this level of water-induced destruction hasn’t been seen in generations.

Update #2: Information coming out of Ocean City and the barrier islands is understandably confused. Rescues, fires, etc. and so on. I’m told the 9th one of the city’s bridges, used heavily by tourists in the summer months, is now completely underwater… WPVI reported but trying to confirm which one… several folks online have also reported, though it remains unconfirmed, that the 14th Street Fishing Pier that jets off of the Ocean City Boardwalk is damaged… web cameras mounted near/on the pier suggest that at least part of it is still standing… (Note: an earlier circulated report erroneously referred to the wrong Ocean City)… developing

Visit the OC Patch for great coverage.

This incredible pic is making the rounds online; I believe it is (or was) 10th Street:

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  1. There is not a bridge at 59th Street in OCNJ, There is a bridge leading to Strathmere but the pictures being shown do not resemble that of the Ocean City-Strathmere bridge?

  2. Typo… supposed to be 9th street… waiting for more confirmation. ABC recently showed footage but mislabeled the bridge.

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