Paul Ryan is Coming to New Jersey

New Jersey isn’t a battleground state in 2012, Save Jerseyans. In fact, it hasn’t been seriously contested at the presidential level since George W. Bush rolled the dice late in the 2000 cycle (and ended up losing by double digits).

That doesn’t mean we don’t play a major role in presidential politics beyond Governor Christie’s personal contributions. Au contraire! 

The Garden State’s number one political export continues to be cash for the Republican Party. It’s been a bumper crop for Mitt Romney.

Paul Ryan is hoping to build on that record when he comes to Essex County this Saturday, October 20th.

He’s slated to attend a high-dollar fundraiser at a private home in Short Hills, New Jersey. Tickets to the general reception cost $1,000; photographs with the next Vice President of the United State are going for $5,000.


42 thoughts on “Paul Ryan is Coming to New Jersey

  1. I laugh at anyone who pays 5,000 dollars for a picture with that clown. For the rest of your life, you get to have a picture with running mate of the guy who lost the 2012 election. Awesome!

  2. Yeah! the Biggest Clown is Sitting In the White House. Full Time Golfer,Comedian,Joe cool with the media. Party time @ taxpayer dollar. And now has Blood in his hands for not following up on Request From his Ambassador for extra security because he fear for his life. But Yet MR.OBAMA CAN DECEIVED THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WITH PHONY STORY OF A VIDEO. STOP DRINKING KOOLAID PAL. YOUR COUNTRY SECURITY IS AT STAKE.

  3. I had a hard time BEFORE the Benghazi travesty understanding why anyone would vote for this failure of a President, but now that this horrible scandal has been exposed, I am ashamed to share the ground I walk on with the uninformed Obama supporters. How can they ignore what's going on? How can they listen to Biden and call Ryan a "clown"? I am so looking forward to November 6th to be rid of this administration.

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