Time for Bellies But Not Benghazi

It’s impossible to get sectors of the mainstream media — particularly the morning talkers — to discuss substantive issues.

The Obama Administration’s cover-up following the Benghazi attack comes to mind.

But Chris Christie’s weight? Fair game! Or at least now it is after Barbara Walters broached the topic on Wednesday evening’s “Most Fascinating” program; apparently, our Governor’s waistline is no longer taboo to critique outside of hard-left circles

Listen to this exchange from Thursday’s Today Show, and particularly the utterly inane remarks from the panelist on the right:


Mark my words, Save Jerseyans: the MSM acts like they love and respect Chris Christie today (he’s great for ratings) but if he’s the GOP nominee in 2016, the gloves will be off and the fat cracks will fly on every channel save Fox News.



4 thoughts on “Time for Bellies But Not Benghazi

  1. MSNBC are already starting to attack Christie's weight. This will back fire if overdone. Ironically Hillary has been sick a lot this week. They better start asking her about her health questions.

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