Pallone Puffs, GOP Shrinks

When Will Much-Maligned Republicans Start Defending Themselves in Sandy Aid Flap?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Frank PalloneNevermind that the FEMA disaster fund is well funded (by FEMA’s own admission) up until “early spring.” And the fact that “the Congressional Budget Office estimates that only $9 billion of the $60.4 billion proposed on the Senate side would be spent over the next nine months.”

Facts? Ha! This is Washington, D.C. that we’re talking about. Leave logic on the other side the Potomac.

Republicans have once again happily accepted a completely false, tiresome, politically-motivated Democrat premise; this time, that the House GOP is somehow preventing the imminent arrival of new Sandy aid. Christie nemesis and big government beneficiary Frank Pallone (D-NJ06) is leading the chorus of deceit…


Very little of what Rep. Pallone says is true, Save Jerseyans, and he and other politicians have a LOT of nerve invoking the plight of Shore businesses after voting to substantially raise their taxes.

But Democrats are willing to repeat it for political gain, and Republicans aren’t willing to defend themselves. That’s the part of this sad tale most capable of giving me premature grey hairs.

Sometimes I wonder why Save Jersey and other websites should bother if the GOP doesn’t care! 

Luckily for them, we love the country more than the party, so the truth must prevail. At least here if nowhere else on the planet…


5 thoughts on “Pallone Puffs, GOP Shrinks

  1. What does he say exactly that is so false? The only item it seems is the notion that this bill is the only thing standing in the way between today, and a normal summer of tourism. We obviously know it's a little more serious than that. But if this bill was passed weeks ago when it was supposed to be, the money would be on its way by now. Not ALL of it, as the CBO stated. And $60 billion sounds like a lot, but it's being spread across 3 states. There's no justifying this complacency on the part of the Speaker and others. In fact, it's shameful. And the Congressman correctly points out-and correctly states that the Tea Party guys out on the fringes don't want to spend this money one way or the other. "The part of this sad tale most capable of giving me premature grey hairs" is that some businesses won't re-open, some jobs simply won't come back. I just pray it's not because of Speaker Boehner's callous indifference to our plight. The 37 bridge and Seaside re-opened today. Go take a ride through there maybe there will be a little more sense of urgency on Save Jersey's part

  2. @Thomas That's just not accurate. The money would not be on its way. But hey, it's a free country! Believe whatever you'd like.

  3. The sooner the money is appropriated, the sooner it can be used to re-build. All the more reason it should've been passed weeks ago, so MAYBE there was a chance it would've gotten here by summer. Now…not so likely it seems. Boehner and the Tea Party- not only are they completely ignorant, they're also completely incompetent. This was all about perception, and hanging onto that precious gavel. Maybe I'm being selfish or biased because I live and see the destruction every day-but the landscape's a little different than Camden County. Like I said, take a ride out-barrier island's open. Beers on me afterward

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