A Revealing Oscar Moment

Michelle Obama Crashes the Academy Awards and Reminds Us of the President’s Woefully Misaligned Priorities

By Matt Rooney The Save Jersey Blog

You’ve heard about it by now.

Michelle Obama’s cameo at last night’s Academy Awards is actually worth a quick watch, and the reason why has absolutely nothing to do with Argo:


Now read between the lines, Save Jerseyans…

These lessons apply to all of us – no matter who we are or what we look like or who we love, but they are especially important for our young people. Every day, through engagement in the arts, our children learn to open their imagination, to dream just a little bigger, and to strive every day to reach those dreams. And I want to thank all of you here tonight for being part of that vitally important work.”

“Vitally important” work?

That’s an awfully grand compliment for the entertainment industry! And it’s a stunningly revealing ideological statement from the First Lady, sporting an uber-expensive gown and flanked by White House guards, while her husband presides over the worst job market since the Great Depression.

Wake up, zombies! The primary aim of the Obama Administration was never improving the American worker’s bottom line or putting the unemployed back to work. Obama and his circle openly aspired to what they described as a “transformative” presidency – culturally, socio-economically, and in every single way that the Left considers the United State to be deficient.

The end result: we’re all going to continue to suffer through the next four years with stagnant investments, shrinking wages and persistant unemployment regardless of “who we are or what we look like or who we love,” Save Jerseyans. Hollywood elites and those subsisting on government’s largesse inside the Beltway won’t suffer alongside us, and they’ll consequently cheer Michelle Obama’s cameos and the President’s purported commitment to making America “fairer” for everyone without consideration to “who we are or what we look like or who we love.”

But it’s time for each and every one of you to read The Wall Street Journal‘s financial page, compare the jobs records of recent presidents, talk to your newly-graduated (and unemployed) nephew, and honestly ask yourselves: is that what’s really happening? I’ve seen no evidence of it, and I suspect you’ll come up empty, too.

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