And the New LD1 Dem is…

Source: Middle Twp. Committeewoman to Replace Albano or Milam in LD1

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

LD1Susan DeLanzo of Middle Township might be the replacement Assembly candidate for whichever incumbent drops off the LD1 2013 Democrat ticket, Save Jerseyans.

That’s the uncomfirmed report passed along to Save Jersey from a very reliable source on the ground in New Jersey’s First Legislative District.

DeLanzo is the sole Democrat committee member in a Cape May County political “swing” town where Republicans Dan Lockwood and Tim Donohue recently took control of township committee. I’m told DeLanzo faced a likely municipal challenge this year from a female Republican African American, Melanie Collins of Rio Grande.

Democrat State Senator Jeff Van Drew recently announced a “historic” change to his 2013 ticket that would be revealed later today. Matt Milam is the ticket’s consistent low vote getter and, as such, is considered the most likely to drop by pundits familiar with the district’s politics, but his running mate Nelson Albano has been dogged by a festering speeding ticket scandal that’s gained steam in recent weeks. LD1 is widely viewed as a top Republican pick up opportunity. Stay tuned…



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