Assembly Okays 22 Gun Bills

Assembly Okays 22 Gun Bills

Lower Chamber Approves Gun Control Legislation But Future of Measures Remains Uncertain

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

MinutemanIt’s been a rough day for the Bill of Rights, Save Jerseyans.

The New Jersey General Assembly approved twenty-two (22) separate gun control bills on Thursday afternoon.

Those measures include new regulations for high-capacity magazines.

Republican opposition was largely limited to procedural arguments. Minority Leader Jon Bramnick lamented how “[t]his is simply a way for the Democrats to find a wedge issue in a year when they can’t find a wedge issue.” He’s certainly not wrong! Though while attempting to sound like the more “reasonable” side of the aisle is fine and good, it would’ve been nice to hear more GOP’ers articulate why the bills are substantively egregious, too, other than just Michael Patrick Carroll (who schooled Linda Stender on the terror watch list bill, FYI).

But that’s where we’re at in Trenton right now, folks. Why can’t the do-nothing Democrat Legislature accomplish ANYTHING other than curbing our rights?

And where do we go from here? The Senate has a tighter partisan composition (24 D, 16 R) and is populated by a few Democrats (including Senate President Sweeney and LD1’s Jeff Van Drew) who represent swing districts; coincidentally (smirk), they tend to have more moderate views on gun control than their Assembly colleagues. Sweeney’s latest answer was a non-answer. No Senate hearings are currently scheduled. There’s also no indication, however, of how Chris Christie would weigh in at veto time.

If you’re disinclined to wait, click here to find your State Senator’s office contact info and click here to reach the Governor’s office.

12 thoughts on “Assembly Okays 22 Gun Bills

  1. It's not a done deal, it must pass the Senate then Christie must sign it into law WHICH HE WONT. He will VETO them. I agree with Republicans on this issue. NO MORE GUN LAWS IN NJ we already have the 2nd toughest in the nation. This is just election time politics by NJ liberals !!!! We in NJ already do MORE than what the President is proposing but NJ liberals want to score browny points in an election year on the backs of deceased children… SHAMEFUL !!!!! And I am a Democrat and I think it's wrong…. I will wait to see what the Governor does and if he does the right thing he will get the vote of every Democratic Gun Owner and a lot of Police Officers both Active & Retired in NJ…. And I will be one of them….

  2. We have to keep pushing. I do not 100% rely on Christie vetoing these. He has bigger aspirations and does not want the liberal gun grabbers labeling him. His popularity is way too high. We need to have contingency plans for a repeal if any of these travesties get through.

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